Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bespoke Magazine , USA

Bespoke Magazine

What is the inspiration and meaning behind Spirits of Valentino?
A fashion show at the level of Valentino is an intense incandescent moment.
Sometimes I feel there is almost sadness, it is done only once with great beauty and passion, but in a few minute sits over.

How does this piece tie in with or differ from the rest of your body of work?

It is  a continuation of the Modeland series, I think it differs in that it is a more impressionistic interpretation of the moment. Previous work was super realist.
But also the early part of series was created from the point of view of an innocent, looking upon these incredible spectacles from the outside. For better or worse I am no longer an innocent and I don't see the shows in the same way.

Have you seen it installed in the hotel? What do you think of its location and how it fits the hotel's design?

Yes. It was a real buzz. I hadn't realised how prominent the piece would be. I am very proud.

What reaction do you hope to evoke from guests who see the artwork here?

I hope they feel the moment of something very beautiful that happened far away.

Where else in Miami do you have art on display?

The Rosenbaum Gallery in Miami is showing both of my new series "Portraits of Astrid"  and "Youth Silver"

What are your upcoming projects or installations?

Lots of wonderful things.  Next week I am shooting karl Lagerfeld which is always fun.

Simon Procters large canvas artwork "the spirits of Valentino" is on permanent display at the St Regis luxury hotel, Miami

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